filmLab 3.0, Professional Alternative Filmmaking in Europe @ Filmfestival Münster 2015

Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of September 2015

In view of rather long distances between filmLab meetings our aim for 2015 was to fill the network with life and strengthen our communication infrastructures. Which points of intersection do we need to keep our communication flowing and encourage new partnerships? What kind of projects do we want to realise together and how can we get funding for our ideas?

filmLab EU is about alternative filmmaking – away from already established majors, companies or art institutions. The participating groups, organizations or institutions produce and distribute films, organize film festivals and film events, provide technical support and a range of training and education programs in the field of filmmaking. What unites them and inspires their efforts is film work that fosters cultural growth and supports the next generation of filmmakers. They share a critical attitude towards conformity in film culture with the ambition to realize independent, autodidactive and alternative film work.

The symposium was initiated in 2011 by Filmfestival Münster as an exchange of experiences among film and media labs around Europe. In 2013 filmLab had taken a step forward and developed concrete recommendations for a European network.


The International Independent Filmplatform (IIFP) was initiated in 2013 by several representatives of European film and media labs as a first step to an open, active and solid international network of independent film collectives.

IIFP acts as special interest group and gives a voice to independent filmmakers and collectives to foster their cultural policy objectives, makes an exchange of ideas and resources possible and provides international coworking.

IIFP is a non-commercial, not for profit and open platform for those who are intersted in supporting alternative filmwork.